My first column

My first column

I wrote this for one of the newspapers, The Banner, where I also work as the editorial assistant, calendar, obituary and good news editor.

Why we do what we do

When the little girl tip-toed into the room, no one thought much of it.

But then the girl’s father followed her in suit, tip-toeing as gently as his daughter.

The room became silent.



Pen and ink sketch

Technic Mask

Technic Mask

Inspiration is my recent video game addiction and brilliant pen and ink artists.

Full drawing to come, hands study

Hands, full drawing later.

Hands, full drawing later.

Struggling with caffeine addiction?

Yea, me too.

Most people ignore the negatives of caffeine if they are addicted. Its chemical name is trimethylxanthine and like its name, its effects are just as complex. First off, that lovely brain boost we rely on is great short-term. But how many of us only have a cup of coffee every few days? Usually, once a person finds a caffeinated drink they enjoy, they come back for more, everyday, and often more than once. Now here is a kicker- it has similar traits and structure to heroine and cocaine. Now, obviously, just because something seems like a dangerous drug does not mean it is a dangerous drug, right?

Just ask yourself this, what do you do when you are denied your delicious caffeinated drink? Do you storm

even though this widely-accepted ingredient is exciting and helpful occasionally, you need to be careful how you treat it- it is still a drug

and rage? Do you pout? Do you “go off the handle” on the nearest breathing thing?  Guess what, you just proved to yourself that you are not only addicted, you also take out your aggression about it on yourself and other people or things. Uh oh!

At my most caffeinated state, I was drinking about 8-10 cups of coffee a day. Yeah, I’ve been there. At the time I did not really care. I also didn’t really sleep. Everyone in my life told me I needed to cut down on it. I used to “detox” for a week every few months to prove to people I was fine. But I was also eating chocolate and drinking tea. I made up for my coffee’s caffeine with other caffeinated things.

And then I figured, what the heck, I can go off caffeine, I’m not addicted.

Guess what happened?

I got a few headaches, experienced crankiness, and then my energy level increased. I slept better. My brain worked faster. I felt lighter and happier.

I felt like a 5 year old with endless energy and boundless ideas.

And then after 6 months of that?

I drank some coffee.  My energy increased even more- for a short time. I fell right back into my old patterns.

In the last ten days I’ve had 3 caffeinated drinks. I’m sleeping better and my mood is over-all improved.


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