One of my artist statements

Vulnerability rubs against my heart like sand paper on skin, empathy breaks my heart like an egg at the edge of a mixing bowl and truth grows painfully inside of me in ways I do not yet understand. These challenges I face push themselves on all artists, either consciously or not. I seek vulnerability and flexibility while hoping for a better life for everyone. I desire empathy for pain in world around me. I want to struggle with miscommunication and lies in order to understand the truth which weighs heavily on me.

I challenge myself to create with every media I encounter. I find that some artists fear showing themselves in their work which can limit them to a single media. Sometimes I am one of those fearful artists.

It is not easy to rip open our hearts, pour them into a visible work at which anyone may open and stare. I have created a myriad of pieces in order that I may compile them into a series of works that proclaim the beautiful majesty of this world in which we life.



My desire with my art remains to reflect on all areas of life in order to learn more.


About LydiaJayne

This girl creates art of a sort.She drinks coffee. She reads books.

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