Discovering Life

We think we know what life is about. We all have our boxed lives and pretty pictures of ourselves. But luckily, life runs less-than-parallel to our pictures of life.

Thank God for that.

I caught up with an old friend today to talk about graphic design. We enjoyed a joyful and peaceful conversation about graphic design, the kinds of fun technology we partake in and the important people in our lives. Life isn’t always what we expect, but often it is better than we thought it would be if we wear the right glasses and see correctly. Perhaps some people just need more adjustment to their sight than others.

At any rate.. here is an odd little painting!

Behind the scenes of every great story, building, love, idea and life a scaffolding once stood. It wasn’t always appreciated or pretty at the time, but it served it’s purpose well .

piece I created last night while talking with my boyfriend in Photoshop.


About LydiaJayne

This girl creates art of a sort.She drinks coffee. She reads books.

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