Illustration: newspaper job = fun!

I like my new job 🙂


random fun in illustrator!

dragon improvements/problems

as many improvements as problems!

As much as I like this smooth quality, I originally had his upper body resting on a rock, then I tried to make a body for that upper body- and tried to make it look like his arms were crossed over his stomach/knees- note to self, start over when changing original design. The end 😛

a dragon’s coffee warm-up

best way to have your coffee warmed up



seems like she is blowing away

Drawings: Joy of Hummingbirds & Babies

When I wake up most days I soak up the messages my brain receives from my sense of touch and hearing. The texture, pressure, rustling of the sheets and gentle pulse of my heart all remind my body you live, you contribute to this world by mere existence.  Unfortunately, some of these days it is challenging … Continue reading

Run. Think. Feel. Think Again.

photoshop thoughts

your vice of choice

dance with [insert vice here]