Drawings: Joy of Hummingbirds & Babies

When I wake up most days I soak up the messages my brain receives from my sense of touch and hearing. The texture, pressure, rustling of the sheets and gentle pulse of my heart all remind my body you live, you contribute to this world by mere existence. 

Unfortunately, some of these days it is challenging to think of anything pleasant until coffee wafts into my nose; alerting my sense of taste that a delicious experience will occur, my sense of smell also perks up my sense of sight.

Each minute in the morning, whether joyfully experienced or struggled through, I must re-learn that this world is a gift.  Thinking about these things caused me to post two of my recent pieces; a hummingbird and a small child laughing. Both of these beings simply live. They do not over-analyze anything. They fulfill their purpose joyfully living and breathing in each minute as if it was the only one they had.

I hope these images encourage you to soak up the world around you with all of your senses.


About LydiaJayne

This girl creates art of a sort.She drinks coffee. She reads books.

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