One of the most powerful currencies: and you already own it.

drawing done in an undergraduate art class, i wanted to combine all the things I enjoyed in one drawing.

Everyone needs money. Sometimes super aware of our currency, we know it is important to have it, and we spend a lot of our lives working to get it. We trade it for things, food, a place to live, among other things.

Yet with all of our currency suave, how much do we know about our bodies’ “microscopic currency”? I’m talking about raw power, seamless sustainability and brilliant duplication ability. So seriously, how many of us know what this is? Do we know what it can be traded for, or what it is made of or even where is comes from? Well, I was curious too. I will not answer all of those questions here, but hopefully this gives a good starting point.

Enter adenosine triphosphate (ATP).

This curiously shaped molecule, reselmbling excites our systems. In fact, without ATP nothing would function correctly. Why is this? Let me show you a few things about a currency without a government tax.

Basically, when we eat food, our bodies use the ATP molecule to break down food. The energy it transfers allows chemical processes to continue seamlessly and then recycle that energy to be used once again. Not only that, but it also recycles its entire weight in a day. The entire amount of these molecules only weigh 250 grams, a little over 8 ounces. Considering that the average person weighs 120-180 pounds, this half-pound “small-fry” packs a punch of power.

In addition to the big job of providing energy to our metabolic systems, ATP works two other jobs efficiently and simultaneously. Really, I asked, I can’t even talk on the phone, drive and drink my coffee without spilling on myself, what else could this super molecule possibly do? Read on in amazement. The body uses ATP to signal how much energy is left in other processes. Like a captain of a soccer team who knows his players well, ATP lets the coach know if a player is running low or wants some time in the game. Endless energy, perfect energy regulation, and last but never least, ATP helps our genes recreate themselves in order that we can pass on our genetic code to the next generate. Yep, this molecule also helped code who we are, and who are children will be.

So, our bodies’ currency, adenosine triphosphate, seems to have it all: bronze, heart, and brains. And you have your own never-ending supply- free! Makes those dollar bills your working so hard for look a little boring now, doesn’t it? Imagine if every dollar you earned was never taxed, was recyclable, was renewed fully everyday no many how many times you used it, it also told you how much you’ve spent, where it all went, where you needed to spend it next, and it helped you figure out who you were and who you children would be.

Pretty cool, right?


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This girl creates art of a sort.She drinks coffee. She reads books.

One response to “One of the most powerful currencies: and you already own it.

  1. And perhaps ATP does not undergo any inflation as well 😉

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