The Dunkin' Donuts Buttered Bagel Battle

This amused me.


The “Gift of Life”

The “Gift of Life”.

Season of Sorrow: It is well with my soul

Be mindful of your soul’s state.. It can be well with your soul.

My dearest friend, thank you.

True rest

Amazing lady.

To you, wherever you are today

Wisdom from a wonderful woman of God.

My Jesus I Love Thee: Evangelyna’s Song

Another masterpiece. Thanks, friend, for reminding me and everyone who knew Vangie, what a great testament to Christ she was… As are you!

Why I have issues with #CFsucks

Written by an amazing and dear friend.

My first column

My first column

I wrote this for one of the newspapers, The Banner, where I also work as the editorial assistant, calendar, obituary and good news editor.

Why we do what we do

When the little girl tip-toed into the room, no one thought much of it.

But then the girl’s father followed her in suit, tip-toeing as gently as his daughter.

The room became silent.



Pen and ink sketch